How Ugenie works.

Discover the two sides of the Ugenie platform. The app where your community members interact with your business. The dashboard where you publish content and analyse data.

The Ugenie pathway.

1. Consultation & Design

Our hands-on consulting team will work with you to create a winning strategy to grow your business with the hub. We will spend time with you to design a plan that works exclusively for your business.

2. Create

Following the consultation, we create your branded mobile hub in minutes. This is where your customers will have access to your content, interact with you and reach you wherever you are.

3. Customise

Make your hub reflect your brand, design a stellar your customer experience, create sub-groups and organise your hashtags. This will allow your customers to choose the content they want to have access to, engage with excitement and avoid content overload.

4. Invite and manage

Easily invite your customers to join your hub with personal invitations via email. Manage your hub with a simple and intuitive dashboard.

5. Engage

Share targeted content with your community. Create community groups and sub-groups to foster more meaningful interactions deepen relationships within your community and enable collaboration.

6. Analyse

Discover what is working in your customer community by analysing how much they engage with your content, what they look at and what they talk about. Use hashtags to discover specific information such as membership behaviours and preferences.

7. Upsell & Retain

Increase your income by launching targeted new products and services based on what your customer community really wants. Gather feedback on current offerings to increase your customer retention and avoid attrition.

Our product roadmap is continuing to expand. Keep an eye on our blog to stay in the loop when new community activation features become available.

Many benefits, all in one place.

Targeted Communication For High Engagement

Central Hub 

For All Content 


Community Needs 

Deliver, Organise

& Manage Content 

Promote Services

& Sponsors



Effortless Data 


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