Why Your Newsletter Isn't Working!

If you’ve been reading our blogs and content – you will hopefully realise that we are promoting a more streamlined approach for you to communicate with your prospects and clients, and ideally some of the reasons why that is important will also have sunk in.

However, for some of you – you may well have switched off when reading about yet another tech tool to make things easier for you. You probably said – “well, I have my regular newsletter and have a good number of subscribers to that…so I don’t need anything else.”

If that resonates with you – I want you to ask yourself a few qualifying questions first –

1) What are you trying to achieve in your business communications?

2) What do you put into your newsletter?

3) Is your NL causing you stress to get it out there?

The reason I ask these questions, is more often than not – the “Company Newsletter” is there because it was what was expected. You were trying to grow your list – and “subscribe to our newsletter” was the fastest way to grow that list – right?

Did you really take the time to think about the purpose and performance of that newsletter?

This is the crux of all content marketing today. Everything has to be RELEVENT (both to the audience and to the marketing objective) , MEASURABLE and EFFICIENT (both to the audience and to the marketing department time and budgets)

It takes time to create a NL – it costs to send NL to large distribution lists – and sure enough – large lists don’t have everyone needing or wanting the same information.

The other most important aspect of a NL is that it is one-way traffic. It is a broadcast from you as a brand / company / entrepreneur to an audience telling them what you think is important, usually containing content about the employee of the month, what events you went to last month etc. Dangerously too close to the Uncle’s round robin email around Christmas time.

So – your mission is to re-think the purpose of your communication.

What are you trying to do:

  • Gain more subscribers into your prospect list?

  • Keep everyone updated on your product offers?

  • Comment on a market issue that is important to your audience?

  • Simply sell more?

  • Keep those not ready to buy yet close to you?

Each of these objectives usually have different techniques to achieve them – not all satisfied by “subscribe to my newsletter”

Who is in your list?

  • Prospects

  • Clients

  • Retired clients

  • Partners

  • Competitors

  • Investors

Do they all want the same information? Do some need more technical info than others? Do some need after sales care info vs new product features? Do some want to hear about case studies while others want to hear about business news?

Finally – where are you putting your NL, how are you distributing it? Is it available on mobile?

In short – even a simple NL needs to be of use to the company and of relevance and instantly accessible to the audience.

That is why we recommend using a content platform that distributes articles or posts out that cover the range of topics or issues of interest to your wider audience, and then allows them to self-select which they wish to consume. In addition, providing them a mechanism to be able to engage with the content by commenting, sharing and interacting with it.

If this sounds interesting to you, why not have a trial of the Ugenie platform and see if you increase your engagement and retention figures, while tracking what content is most relevant to your differentiated audience segments.