Where Do Your Ideal Clients Hang Out on Social Media?

Social media is used by billions of businesses globally. But effectively used by far less. Although this may not pose an issue when sharing holiday pictures with your family and friends, it might when trying to grow your business and boost outreach.

In the context of membership businesses, many use social media to build a funnel for potential members. But it’s really important to put your content on the platform where your members are most likely to hang out.

So, what’s best for your business?

Unfortunately, there’s not one single platform that fits each business type. However, the good news is that as long as you keep your ideal members in mind, social media can be an effective tool for prospecting.

If you haven’t yet figured out who your ideal client is, have a read of our blog post to familiarise yourself with who they may be.

To help you reach your ideal clients and boost awareness of your brand, we’ve put together some basic information on some of the most popular platforms out there right now.


Facebook is a social networking platform available on the web, iOS and Android, which has been helping friends, families and strangers connect since 2004.

On Facebook, you are able to create either public or private groups to encourage connections within your community. You will be able to share relevant photos, videos and written posts to promote your brand. And should you decide to privately message potential members to connect with them on a more personal level, you can do this, too.

But for Facebook to work for you, you must understand who uses it and why.

Facebook has an average of 2.85 billion global users, 43.6% of which are female and 56.4% male. So if your ideal client isn’t gender-specific, Facebook would be a great place to find a range of prospective members.

Most users, 31.3% to be specific, are aged 25-34, narrowly followed by 23.2% aged 18-24. This makes it the perfect place to scout for both young and middle-aged members. Though, it isn’t a place where those aged 65+ are likely to hang out.

The age divide could be due to the new features Facebook have created over recent years, such as stories where users can post pictures and videos to view in real-time, the use of reactions such as love and anger under posts, and their own marketplace.

As the older generations didn’t grow up around technology, these resources can become confusing. They’re more susceptible to simpler platforms such as Whatsapp, but obviously, you can’t content market on that platform.

Instead, take a look at these 7 tips for marketing effectively to seniors.

Seniors aside, why do other generations use Facebook? It’s a platform that most people are familiar with and we, as humans, don’t adapt very well to change.

It allows easy access to friends’ profiles, a simple way to search for groups and a short process to join the communities. The content that performs the best on the site entices meaningful connections, friendships and up-to-date information.

And while you’re here, head over to The Membership Guys’ blog to learn 5 ways membership site owners can capitalise on Facebook live.

💡 Top Tips on How to Use Facebook:

  • Join a few groups that are relevant to the work you do. The Membership Guys' group is perfect for community managers as it provides great tips, advice and guidance on all things private platforms!

  • Post frequently and interact with your current followers to increase reach, engagement and loyalty. Loyal followers are likely to recommend your page to their friends.

  • Use Facebook as a secondary app/network alongside platforms that better support page growth, advertising and promoting, e.g. Instagram.

But it’s also important to remember to experiment with your platform, post videos, pictures, long captions, short captions, follower stories, etc and gauge what content performs the best. It will be different for everyone depending on their audience so it’s vital that you take the time to figure out what works best for you.

Once you’ve figured out what content your followers prefer, cater to their consumption, post what you need to but in a format you know they’ll interact with.

Alongside being your own greatest tool to increase following and engagement, use what’s available in the Instagram community. Reach out to other pages where you can mutually benefit from each other, form connections and begin to collaborate.

Remember to make meaningful connections and stay true to your brand.


Originally used to share photos and videos, Instagram has recently become a space catering to businesses and freelancers. It allows business pages to customise their profile with highlights relevant to their brand and makes space for creators to upload 1-minute reels (short video clips) which can display snippets of upcoming events and new business features.

If you think a 1-minute clip is too short, don’t write Instagram off just yet, they also still have IGTV, the place for videos up to 15-minutes in length. And not to mention, they also let you create series within these to ensure all your relevant content is together in one place.

At roughly 1 billion users worldwide, it’s a great place to connect with many new faces, with a relatively evenly spit of 50.9% females and 49.1% males. Even better to know, 25 to 34-year-olds make up 32.1% of the total users! Though at 29.9%, we have 18 to 24-year-olds and 35 to 44-year-olds still at a high of 16.3%.

Like with Facebook, those 65+ make up a small percentage of users at only 2.3%. So again, refer to the above article for tips to market towards this age bracket.

But you may be asking why so many people use Instagram? Well, to answer that, it’s a friendly platform built on communities. The clan of your next-door neighbour’s friends who scroll through selfies of owners with their overly fluffy dogs, or aspiring artists showcasing their creativity, perhaps small business owners getting to know their followers in the early stages. People like real connections, especially in current times of Covid-19 and isolation.

That being said, a community feeling alone won’t help grow your audience. What will help is consistency with posting times and frequency, the hashtags you want to use and what you’re promoting.

💡 Top Tips on How to Use Instagram:

  • Use hashtags on all posts to reach your target audience at large, this is especially useful as it’s common for Instagram users to follow tags relevant to their interests.

  • Stay up to date with the app’s ever-changing features. If you haven’t already, research how you can utilise IGTV for your platform.

  • Promote new posts on your story as this will ensure your content is seen by all, even those quickly tapping through their stories on their slow commute.


The video-sharing platform TikTok seems to keep growing in popularity. It went from having 1.21 million daily active users in January 2017, just four months after its rebranding, to over 1 billion users in June 2021.

This speaks volumes about how this platform can be used for fast growth and amplified reach. Everyone who posts content (unless it violates policies or an account is shadowbanned) has an equal opportunity to reach a large audience and go viral.

In short, TikTok has created an algorithm to help audiences readily access the content they’re most likely to be interested in and thus interact, increasing the reach of the content creator.

Though reach thrives on this platform, the split of users may pose an issue. There’s a fair split of 51% of all users being male and 49% female, but there remains a somewhat uneven count on the age front, with 66% of users being under 30 years old.

Nevertheless, if this suits your demographic, this shouldn’t put you off using the platform as it may be perfect for you, especially if you’re struggling with getting your content to be seen.

💡 Top Tips On How To Use TikTok:

  • Keep up to date with and jump on current trends. Different audios go viral every few days on TikTok and if you can crack the code on how to make these trends work for you, you will have a higher chance of being promoted on the for you pages of users.

  • Post content often as this is likely to improve your performance with the TikTok algorithm, you should be posting at least three times a day.

  • Don’t give up. With any new platform, it can be difficult to navigate at first but keep on trying and find the formula that works for you and you’ll be on your way to great success.


The platform is for social networking in the name of professionalism and business. LinkedIn has 756 million users, as of January 2021, it can’t be too hard of a place to receive engagement.

The community has slightly more male users, men making up 56.9%, and females 43.1%. Thankfully this isn’t too great of a split that you need to find separate platforms to attract different demographics.

Where age is concerned, those using the platform range from 18-55+, with a noticeable depletion after 34 years of age. From 59.9% of users between the ages of 25 and 34, to 17.5% between 35 and 54.

With this in mind, it’s the best platform of those mentioned above to reach a wider age range in one place. This takes away the strain of posting your content on several platforms, should your demographic not be linear, giving you more time to focus on what you should be posting.

💡 Top Tips on How to Use LinkedIn:

  • Do some market research on your ideal client to figure out what content they consume and then use this to plan what your feed will look like.

  • Connect with other people who share your values and ideas, interact with their content and their connections will look into who you are. In turn, more profiles will be engaging with your content.

  • Post regularly to stay relevant and for your posts to perform better with the LinkedIn algorithm.

Take the first step!

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