Client Stories: Using the Ugenie platform as an event hub

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Ugenie recently served as the event app for the International Chamber of Commerce’s 14th Annual International Commercial Mediation Competition which was held in Paris between 7th-14th February 2019. The app was sponsored by the competition's gold sponsors the European Institute for Conflict Management and ADR ODR International, who is also currently using Ugenie as a way to connect with their own global membership. This blog will share with you both how ADR ODR is using Ugenie as their own membership hub, and also why they proposed to the ICC to use Ugenie as their hub this year instead of a bespoke app which they operated previously in 2018.



Since the autumn of 2018, ADR ODR International has been using Ugenie to connect and grow a community for those interested in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Online Dispute Resolution.  They piloted their hub at their Executive Negotiation Course in Dubai in November where all participants were invited to join the community prior to arriving in Dubai. The team had pre-loaded it’s Ugenie hub with all the important information about the course including course pre-reading and logistical details so that participants were able to easily obtain what they required directly from the Ugenie app.  Further, the students utilised the directory feature to connect with those who were coming from other parts of the world.  After a successful pilot in Dubai, the ADR ODR team has used the hub for subsequent courses in other parts of the world including India and the UK. 

ADR ODR will leverage the power of its Ugenie hub to launch a global membership soon.  The hub will provide members with exclusive articles, videos, tips and other resources to aid professionals and students interested in the sector. Further, they will be providing members of their community with discounted pricing to courses, conferences and other promotions from their global affiliates. To learn more about how to join their community, please contact their team:


As a pillar in the global ADR community, ADR-ODR International founder Rahim Shamji is often involved with or asked to speak at leading conferences, competitions and events around the world in this space. This includes judging at the International Chamber of Commerce’s International Commercial Mediation Competition in Paris, where this year he presided over the finals.  For the past two years, ADR-ODR International and the European Institute for Conflict Resolution have been the gold sponsors of the competition and has thus funded the app utilised for the week-long competition. 

In 2018, ADR ODR and European Institute for Conflict Resolution worked with a tech provider to build a branded app which held much of the vital information that was required by those attending the competition.  This included lists of the participants in categories (judges, sponsors, students), venue information with map links and the schedule. However, as Mr. Shamji shared, the app was static, meaning that real-time updates and communication amongst participants was not possible.   

Consequentiality, when the time came to plan the building of the app for the ICC competition this year, Mr. Shamji felt Ugenie would be a better fit. He explained that the ability to create a more dynamic app experience which offered both pre-loaded information and real-time updates would be a substantial upgrade. In addition, the ability for participants to interact during the week with the potential to create a community which could be continued after the competition, was something that the ICC could benefit from. He also saw great value in the ability to send and filter content for targeted groups (e.g. judges, volunteers, etc) to ensure participants only get the information that was relevant to them.  Thus, he proposed Ugenie to the organising team at the ICC who agreed that it offered a lot of advantages over the previous app and hence signed up to use Ugenie for the 2019 competition.


After the decision to use Ugenie was taken, Ugenie CEO Susan Kabani utilised the logo and brand colours of the ICC to create their hub in a matter of minutes. This included the creation of different members types that represented the different groups of people that would be attending the competition – students, sponsors, judges and staff.  This would enable the ICC staff to send super targeted and relevant information to individuals via the hub. For example, many updates and documents were only meant for the judges and the hub allowed such content to be shared privately. The hub was also setup with the tags that the ICC required which essentially would be used to organise the content that they and the participants were to share on the app. As an example, this included tags such as Schedule, Events, Updates, Venues and Urgent (a tag that was to be used to alert the volunteers in real-time for urgent requests).

After the hub was structured, all of the important information for the competition was added including the event schedule, competition information and rules, member and judge bios, sponsor information and other documents that the ICC wanted to make easily available to the participants. 

Finally, using the Ugenie scheduling feature, important messages such as event and venue reminders were scheduled to go out at the appropriate times. For example, reminders were sent after each competition session for the participants to fill out evaluation forms, something which was very important for the ICC to receive to make the experience even better for 2020. For anyone that has run a competition or conference, you will know that once it starts, not having to worry about sending out updates is a big relief. 

Once all the information was added and notifications auto-scheduled, invites were sent to nearly 500 people to download the Ugenie app and join the ICC Community.  Within the first 12 hours, nearly 25% of the invited users had joined, and nearly 90% by the end of the week.  Of those that downloaded the app, 95% were using it on a daily basis until the final day of the competition.


Whilst at the competition, a participant iterated that they preferred the Ugenie app over that used in 2018 as then they still needed to dig through emails or check social media for important real-time updates.  Further, the Ugenie team was asked by participants whether the community hub would be live after the competition as they were finding it a great way to connect with the other students and professionals that were there.  

Now, with the competition over, participants are still using it to connect with other members.

Here's a short video on how the competition app looked!

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