The Connected Salesperson

Updated: Mar 23

What if there’s a way to mix transformational coaching with the business of sales?

There are two individuals doing exactly that, on uHubs!

Introducing: The Connected Salesperson! To learn more about The Connected Salesperson, we provided a platform for John & Paul to speak at a recent Ugenie Leaders Forum. We also interviewed John during the same week.

John F Kelly & Paul J Barbour John F Kelly is a Transformative Executive, Leadership and Life Coach, based in Ireland, with specialist knowledge of the food and drink retail industry.

Paul J Barbour is the Lead Tutor on Team Coaching of Henley Business School. Like John, Paul garnered success in sales, eventually leading corporate teams.

On one of his regular dog walks, John questioned if connecting with 'authentic self' can help a human connect fully with another human.

As one idea lead to another, he applied the question to the world of sales.

He asked: "If a sales professional were to connect with who they are fundamentally, could they then connect better with their customer?" And so began a new and fresh approach to selling. The Connected Salesperson emerged. Together with Paul, the duo became ready to shake the status quo of sales theory. Connect with John F Kelly, on LinkedIn:

Connect with Paul J Barbour, on LinkedIn:

The Connected Salesperson Sales professionals from any industry or sector can benefit from The Connected Salesperson. However, pride in personal development is essential to make the most of the community. The community caters for individuals looking to succeed in sales, whilst simultaneously looking after their wellbeing. The group is membership-based and select.

To deliver a solid learning experience, John & Paul offer an innovative web application, to ensure resources and ideas are shared effectively amongst members.

Reverting back to the idea of 'authentic self', John sees a human's innate wisdom, passion, and creativity, as the true brilliance which exists in all of us. "I want to help people realise the brilliance which exists in all human beings," John stated. In essence, if a sales professional were to realise his or her own brilliance, such energy would open up the door for connecting with a customer's brilliance. Overall, the process is simple:

  • Step 1 - Make a Connection

  • Step 2 - See How You Can Help

Broadening this empathetic idea, John made an interesting point about stakeholder value being of higher importance than shareholder value. He argues that better stakeholder value, in the form of happier employees, maximises shareholder value, as happier workers tend to be more productive.

Why The Connected Salesperson Chose Ugenie

“We chose Ugenie because Susan connected with me on LinkedIn during a time when we were considering internet-based training platforms. I had direct contact with Susan, who is the founder of Ugenie. She offered me support when I needed it”. ~ John F Kelly

The Connected Salesperson on uHubs John & Paul have exciting ideas to turn The Connected Salesperson into a thriving eLearning community platform for sales professionals.

So far, John & Paul have found uHubs beneficial for hosting membership. uHubs' push notifications is John's favourite feature, as it helps his members stay informed about important content, events, and announcements. Also, John likes that he's able to create, curate, and organize resources. As The Connected Salesperson scales, efficient content management will become ever more useful!

Top 3 Community Tips, from John F Kelly & Paul J Barbour

  1. Be patient, as coaching communities aren’t immediate revenue generators

  2. Focus on building the community’s content, and post regularly

  3. Let your audience know about your different outlets, like blogs and podcasts

We’re so excited to help The Connected Salesperson grow on uHubs over the next few years, and house the community’s ambitious sales professionals! Thank you for choosing us! Find out more about The Connected Salesperson:

If you are a community leader, or in the business of community, try a Ugenie hub, for free, for 45 days.


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