Tech Tips: MeetEdgar

Every month, we will address potential problems that small businesses face, and provide possible solutions.

Potential Problem: Your Company’s Social Media Content Requires Organisation

It happens! The social media world entails constant updates, emerging trends, and a growing need to post regularly for the sake of algorithms. It is easy to get lost whilst trying to engage your audience, especially with a limited budget for recruitment.

Potential Solution: MeetEdgar

For £39 a month, manage up to 25 social media accounts, with unlimited uploads, categories, and access to personalised support. Let’s dive a bit deeper. Features & Benefits

Auto-Variation Finds quote-worthy text from your blogs, suited to quick-fire micro content. Browser Extension Shares relatable articles in the form of 5 pre-written social media posts.

Category Scheduling Categorises your content library, to avoid an aimless frenzy.

Continuous Posting Continues to reshare content at the end of your queue.

Unlimited Library Auto-schedules, shuffles, and pauses your queue, in the way you require.

Upload & Edit Creates a library of updates from almost any source.

Native Photo & Video Support Tailors your content to the plethora of platforms out there.

Evergreen & Time-Sensitive Support Sets any post for one-off or multiple use, with expiration dates.

A/B Testing Tests different messages for traffic yield, with variation analytics.

Weekly Email Update Provides a detailed report of your social statistics.

Shortened & Tracked Links Offers integrated UTM tags and Edgar’s very own shorted link (

Human Support Engages with issues through a world-class helpline and high response times.

So, Will You Meet Edgar? Click the link below, to MeetEdgar!