Probe Your Market for Sub-Niches

Updated: Mar 22

Marketing your membership business to everyone is tempting. However, membership businesses with the strongest brand awareness tend to focus on niche markets.

Niche markets provide the opportunity to become a brand leader, to sell at a higher price, differentiate services and face less competition.

Probe your market for sub-niches. Community Management

A sub-niche market is best described as a small group of consumers with specific preferences, who are somewhat separate from the mainstream marketplace.

For example, an older consumer that’s interested in joining a dating community may benefit from a sub-niche offering of matchmaking for individuals over the age of 50.

Your membership business may have hidden sub-niches.

You must attempt to understand your community members’ demographics, psychographics and behaviours to hone a sub-niche service. Here’s a helpful article that delves into proven strategies for highlighting profitable sub-niches.

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