Our new membership app!

Updated: Mar 23

This summer, we are proudly launching our brand new app uHubs on both iOS and Android. This new app, which is how members of our communities access their hubs on their phones, has an updated look and feel, lots of new features and is already getting great reviews from our existing communities!

Check out a snapshot of the new app and our most recently added features. We are also sharing a bit about our community manager admin portal and the member's web portal, the three parts of our membership and community management system.

uHubs App: member's mobile portal

As we have added so many new features recently, we can't mention them all. So we thought we would share some of top highlights (both past and present) with a bit more information on groups.

It's all about groups!

In every Ugenie community, you can create three different types of groups: open, closed and now secret. These groups play a big role in our communities as they allow our leaders to create spaces within the communities for more niche conversations.

In our new update, we added group dashboards, or spaces, which also enable our members to directly post into a group feed. We also added an icon in the top right-hand corner for group shortcuts.

If you are wondering what this means and why it's super useful to our community leaders and members, let us explain. Imagine you are running multiple FB groups for your membership or business. This is likely because you want to send super relevant content to your members without bombarding them with content that is not for them.

This is great for your members as they only get super relevant posts (and is definitely better than creating one group and putting everyone in together). But this can be really time consuming for you as you as when you want to share something with everyone, you have to go into each group to share the content. In Ugenie, you can simply create one post and tag the groups you want to share it with. Simple!

From a member's perspective, they can be a member of both the wider community and their sub-groups enabling them to connect across all the members in your membership.

Our most recent update with groups are secret groups! A widely requested feature, a secret group is only visible to those that a community leader chooses. This has so many applications for our communities from secret events to groups for premium or high-profile members. Here's a quick video on how to set it up.

Here a quick look at some of the other enhancements:

  • A whole new design much more similar to LinkedIn

  • A better comment experience for posts as members can now delete and edit comments.

  • Members can report a post to admins if they find it inappropriate

  • Member directory can be further sorted by member type

  • Members can upload documents into folders into the document area (video & document upload coming soon)

  • Hyperlinks of websites can be previewed in the feed even when you also add a photo

  • Ability to directly message another member when viewing their profiles

  • Updated member post experiences and

  • and so much more!

Feature Update: Admin Dashboard

Every Ugenie community leader manages their community via an admin dashboard. This is where they can brand and customise their mobile & web member's hub, invite and manage their members and create and share content.

Here's a quick video on how to user the admin dashboard to set up your community.

Alongside a general reorganisation of several sections, our big update here is the addition of manager threads. Community managers or admins can now discuss important management tasks with other admins! They can also tag another admins in the feed and the tagged manager will get an email alerting them to the mention. For teams running communities, this is very useful!

Upcoming Features

We are so excited to share what is coming in the next few months

  • Payment Integration (currently in development)

  • Live Streaming (going into development next week)

  • Group Chat (going into development in August)

It's a very exciting time here at Ugenie and we are serving a growing number of memberships and online communities. You can try our platform for free for 14-days during which you are welcome to book a strategy session with our team to find out how a uHubs could best serve your business.

Start your trial today, or set-up a time to speak to our team for a demo.