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Updated: Mar 23

Learning. Impact. Networking. Collaboration. Support. It’s possible to achieve all five during a warm and welcoming digital networking event!

Introducing: My Business LINCS Café, on uHubs!

Two weeks ago, we interviewed Heather Barrie & Richard Davies, the founders of the Café, to gain a fuller picture of their story, mission and events.

Heather Barrie & Richard Davies

Around seven years ago, Heather & Richard met through a mutual contact – several phone calls between Yorkshire and West Sussex eventually led to a beer in London. At that time, Heather was running her coffee business and Richard was a coach and remote working specialist. A business spark formed between the pair!

Heather & Richard chatted on LinkedIn once in a while about various projects, unaware of the great networking proposition that was soon to come.

Two years ago, Heather saw one of Richard’s posts on LinkedIn. As she mentioned to us, she starts most conversations with “I’ve had an idea!”. She picked up the phone.

Richard loved the idea but due to other commitments, the project was stored in the locker for later. Then, COVID-19 hit. Solopreneurs were forced into lockdown. Heather found it a good time to bring the idea to life, but it soon became clear that there was a more pressing need to start My Business LINCS Café.

The two casual acquaintances became business partners, with personalities that complement each other rather well! Heather regards herself as “front-of-house”. Richard regards himself as “more technical”, though he likes to step out from “behind the wall that separates the engine room and the kitchen room.”

With two large networks, numerous cups of coffee, and a drive to bring people together to learn and connect, Heather & Richard’s first event was a hit with solopreneurs.

Connect with Heather Barrie, on LinkedIn:

Connect with Richard Davies, on LinkedIn:

My Business LINCS Café

LINCS is Learning, Impact, Network, Collaborate, and Support!

According to Heather & Richard, solopreneurs need a space to learn new skills, boost their impact, network with like-minded people, collaborate more effectively, and receive support from a strong community.

In April 2020, Heather & Richard officially launched My Business LINCS Café, to help, inform, and encourage entrepreneurs to build their businesses to reflect their vision of success.

The community is purely digital, conducting events over Zoom. As a result, members are “spread far and wide”, across countries and continents!

On Tuesdays, My Business LINCS Café offer weekly masterminds through a virtual boardroom. Entrepreneurs can “tap into the network’s communal business brain”.

Every Thursday, the group focuses on LinkedIn engagement. And, on the fourth Monday of every month, there’s the opportunity to attend LINCS’ Learning & Growth Summit.

What an amazing range of events!

Why My Business LINCS Café Chose Ugenie “Susan is a CEO with a mission. She’s engaging and humble, and shows she cares by listening to and acting upon feedback. Our suggestions have been taken on board. Also, we liked the potential associated with joining a platform that's evolving and growing. Benefiting from expert and personal ongoing support is something we wouldn’t receive from a faceless Silicon Valley outfit”. ~ Richard Davies

My Business LINCS Café on uHubs

In a bid to increase the Café’s membership numbers, and develop an effective content management system, Heather & Richard started a hub on Ugenie. As the Café’s technical whiz, Richard had positive feedback on the hub!

  • Richard finds that the uHubs feed is a great way to see what’s going on.

  • Richard sees uHubs as the home for the Café’s content. "The content can be described and tagged, not just stored", Richard states.

  • Richard likes the general functionality of the app.

  • Richard finds the ‘back office’ of media uploading, easy to operate.

  • Richard likes the ability to control access in relation to community membership level. It allows the Café to offer free access to an entry membership tier, whilst providing the scope to create different membership levels.

When needing support, or making suggestions, Richard contacts Ugenie through video. We're always sure to reply, to give a helping hand!

Top 3 Community Tips, from Heather Barrie & Richard Davies

  1. Build the plane whilst flying it, as you’ll learn faster

  2. Start with a ‘pay-as-you-go’ model to hone your offering and create fans. Then, move to a membership-subscription model.

  3. Offer a founders membership deal for a limited number of people. The Café raised a lump sum by introducing a 'First 15 Founders' deal to members who had attended their previous ‘pay-as-you-go’ events.

As learning content is becoming a bigger part of My Business LINCS Café, we are providing the guidance and infrastructure for sharing eLearning effectively. Together, let’s grow this wonderful solopreneur community!

Thank you for choosing us! Find out more about The Business LINCS Café: https://www.mynetworkingCafé.com/

If you are a community leader, or in the business of community, try a Ugenie hub, for free, for 45 days.


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