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How to Publish Content as Admin

Updated: Jul 13

It’s commonly agreed that content is a wonderful tool for building and engaging with your online community. However, content on public social media can become irrelevant, or overwhelming, for individuals who wish to receive only a specific stream.

After segmenting your audience into member types or sub-groups, Ugenie’s content publisher allows you to distribute content to the area. It may prove more efficient to funnel content to 1 Ugenie community, your community, rather than 10 Facebook groups.

Enter: Ugenie's Content Publisher

How to View Your Existing & Scheduled Content

  1. Log on as an Administrator

  2. The default landing page is Dashboard

  3. Click Announcements

  4. Scroll downwards

Here, you can view all your existing and scheduled content.

How to Manage Your Existing & Scheduled Content

  1. Check you are on Announcements

  2. Scroll downwards

  3. Click Actions for each piece of content

Here, you can edit, pin, hide, and delete a piece of content.

How to Create a Post

  1. Check you are on Announcements

  2. Click Create Post

Enter Title Consolidate your message into 50 characters, for maximum impact

Upload Media Ugenie support most image and video file types. There's a 300mb upload limit for video.

Write Message Ensure your copy is relevant, engaging and inspiring, to your chosen audience. Customise Tags Select tags based on the themes, topics, and target audiences, of your content.

Select Group(s) Segment content by your created group(s), to tailor to particular audiences.

Schedule Time Zone & Date Choose to post the content immediately, or at a scheduled date in the future.

Click Post Check the Announcements page, to view your the details of your content.

And there you have it! That’s how to publish content on Ugenie!

If you are a community leader, on Ugenie or not, why not join the Ugenie Community, and explore our thriving network, diverse resources, and software?

Ugenie Members: https://members.ugenie.io/hubs/qh8PKTKMtPG6sgMXAgGR/sign-up

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