How to create content that always results in engagement in your community.

We’ve all been there: Whether you’re selling a product, sharing thoughts on your personal blog or are looking after your company’s social media accounts – creating content that gets a community actively engaged can be the hardest part in any of those spheres.

Not only are most of us trying to engage a community, but really, we are trying to connect with the grassroots – those with jobs, families, hobbies and a million other things to do besides engaging with our particular content (blog or social media posts, emails… you fill in the blanks)

We have spent some time working this out for ourselves here at Ugenie and thought we may as well share them with our community!

So here they are, some keys to help you create content that will increase customer engagement across the board exponentially – whatever your business. They’re not rocket science, but trust us, applied consistently they work! We’ve tried them all for ourselves!

Know Your Audience.

This seems to be obvious, but we’ve found that many people tend to create content that speaks to them and the people in their immediate sphere rather than specifically catered to their audience. The trouble with that is, that your target audience might think very differently from you. Most likely your specific audience has particular interests, they speak a certain language and move in particular circles.

Do you know what they are? Have you spent enough time studying your audience and adapting your language, style and way of communication accordingly? Knowing your audience and knowing it WELL is the first and most important key to creating effective and engaging content that engages your community.

Address Your Audience’s Problems Head On

More often than not, in an attempt to sound ‘sexy’ or getting too caught up in how we present ourselves, most of us end up not being clear about what we are actually trying to say – our content gets cluttered.

By the time we get to addressing the issue our community is dealing with, we have already lost them – they have scrolled past our post, clicked on from our website, you name it.

We must therefore ask ourselves: are we clear in stating that we know the problem we are about to offer a solution for? Everything from showing empathy to the issue in language and tone, to making clear and bold statements in design and other visual aspects is relevant here.

Be Where They Are

We won’t dwell on this one, but we can’t leave it out either: do you know where your community spends their time? Have you done the relevant research? If your target audience spends most of their time on snapchat but you send them emails, it’s obvious how that relationship won’t end up being very fruitful. So, if your community is of the Instagram age, engage Instagram, invest into Instagram, if they are email readers send them emails…– you get the picture.

Be Clear About How You Can Help

This is another interesting one – in the same way we have to address our audiences problems head on, we have to be bold in telling them that we have the right solution for them. This is not the time to be modest! Whilst self-indulgence is never attractive, on the fast-paced platforms we use and move in today, it is imperative that your solution is front and centre of your message. If you’re not convinced that you have what your community needs, why should they be?

Ask questions that will encourage them to talk back at you

Last but certainly not least, as this post is about engagement, finding ways to get your audience to talk back to you is crucial – and you have probably already figured out how all the points before this one have hopefully led you to being able to ask the right questions:

If you know your audience, know their problem, utilise the same platforms they do and have a solid solution for them, this part should be easy!

Be clear that your questions aren’t rhetorical and make ways in which they can talk back really clear. Do you want them to like, comment, share or email you? From making this clear visually, using the right language and giving them incentives to engage - if you do this well, there is nothing standing in the way between you and your community - and with that you and the growth of your business.

That’s all pretty straight forward right?

If you still feel like this all seems too easy or think you’ve tried it all before – don’t worry!

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