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How to Change Your Hub’s Branding

On uHubs, it’s possible to tailor your hub to your brand’s needs! This includes switching between brand colours, and changing the display names of each of your hub’s sections, with the aim of being distinguishable.

Enter: Ugenie’s Hub Branding

How To View Your Hub's Branding

  1. Log on as an Administrator

  2. The default landing page is Dashboard

  3. Click the menu icon, next to your name, in the top right-hand corner

  4. Click Hub Settings

Click Branding

Dashboard Preview

Preview the aesthetic of your hub on the uHubs Web Portal and App.

How To View Your Hub's Branding

  1. Check you are on Branding in Hub Settings

  2. Scroll downwards

Hub Colours

Customise your hub’s header, primary, and secondary colours, with a Hex code.

Customise the Display Names of each of the following sections:

  • Offer Display Name

  • Marketplace Display Name

  • Member Directory Display Name

  • Document Display Name

  • Video Display Name

  • Resource Display Name

  • Skill Tag Display Name

Note, that for each section:

  • Capitalisation and pluralisation is automatic

  • It's advised to use a singular lowercase name

  • It's advised to consider names that are specific to your brand

Click Update Branding

Now, you’ve officially updated your hub’s branding!

And there you have it! That’s how to change your hub’s branding

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