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How to Add & Remove Members

When you have attracted a new member or subscriber to your community, adding them to your hub is a stress-free process with Ugenie. And, once a member has left, removing them from your hub is the same.

Enter: Ugenie’s Member Management

How to Add New Members

  1. Log on as an Administrator

  2. The default landing page is Dashboard

  3. Click Members, or your chosen name for Member Directory

  4. Click Add Member

Select Member Type Choose the type(s) of member(s), based on your existing segmentation.

Enter Emails Enter the email address(es) of the member(s), using comma separation if required.

Select Groups

Assign the member(s) to the relevant group(s).

Enter Message

Write an introductory message to your new member(s).

Update Template Set your introductory message as the default for all future joiners.

Read Footers

Check if you are happy with Ugenie’s footers, for both new and registered users.

Check Support Email

Ensure the support email is set to info@ugenie.io

Click Invite

Now, you’ve officially invited your new member(s)!

How to Block, Promote & Remove Members

  1. Check you are on Members, or the chosen name for Member Directory

  2. Scroll downwards

  3. Click Actions

Click Block to remove all community access for a member

Click Promote to make a member an administrator of your community

Click Delete to remove a member from your community

And there you have it! That’s how to add and remove members on Ugenie!

If you are a community leader, on Ugenie or not, why not join the Ugenie Community, and explore our thriving network, diverse resources, and software?

Ugenie Members: https://members.ugenie.io/hubs/qh8PKTKMtPG6sgMXAgGR/sign-up

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