Updated: Sep 21, 2021

When embarking on a Project Management career, acquiring technical skills is just one part of the journey.

Overall, many Project Managers aspire to be influential project leaders. To get there, they require high-class training, mentoring and guidance.

Introducing: ExtraordinaryPM, on uHubs!

We interviewed Marion Thomas, the co-founder of ExtraordinaryPM, to learn more about the purpose of their training and community, alongside the uHub.

Marion Thomas

Marion Thomas is the co-founder of ExtraordinaryPM.

Referred to as the "Mary Poppins" of Project Management by her clients, she enables project people to put leadership and people skills at the heart of the profession.

She's known for her ability to get 20% more from a project team.

With Chartered Project Professional qualifications and Fellow status at the Association of Project Management, Marion is determined to raise the profession's profile.

Before starting ExtraordinaryPM, Marion carried heaps of energy and enthusiasm for Project Management, so she invested in her personal development to gain more expertise.

Together with Sarah Walton, Marion decided to collate her Project Management insights into a unique and resourceful tool to serve individuals in the same field.

Connect with Marion Thomas, on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marion-thomas-extraordinarypm/


To nurture Project Managers into impactful leaders, Marion fashioned ExtraordinaryPM as a learning framework that puts people at the heart of Project Management.

People, after all, are the ones who deliver projects.

Though many Project Managers have a grasp of technicalities, Marion noticed a lack of focus on leadership and people skills, essential for collaboration with associated stakeholders.

Target, Terrain, Tribe, Time Mastery and Taking Care of Yourself are the 5 T's at the heart of their innovative learning framework.

The Insights course involves free one-hour webinars. The Bitesized course aims to apply 90-minute live streams to real-life scenarios.

For those wanting to pursue the 'journey to extraordinary', Extraordinary PM's five-month CPD-accredited Mastery programme is the gateway to excellence and a solid reputation.

The clue is in the name.

ExtraordinaryPM on uHubs

To turn ExtraordinaryPM into a tribe of Project Managers, Marion chose Ugenie. She wanted accessibility via both an internet browser or phone app.

  • Marion views uHubs as an effective educational content management system. Her course resources, materials and articles can be efficiently uploaded and grouped into folders for her Bitesize and Mastery programme students to view and use.

  • Marion uses the video section to upload recorded live streams of events and lessons.

  • Marion envisions that uHubs will allow her project management students to connect, communicate and support one another via a learning network.

We’re so excited to help ExtraordinaryPM grow on uHubs over the next few years and house the community’s talented project management students!

Thank you for choosing us!

Find out more about ExtraordinaryPM: https://extraordinarypm.com/

If you are a community leader, or in the business of community, try a Ugenie hub, for free, for 14 days: https://www.ugenie.io/trial


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