Create an Exit Survey For Cancelled Members

Updated: Mar 23

After a member cancels their subscription, there’s a proactive approach to take.

Though it's technically a loss, you’re able to learn from the setback. So, don’t worry!

What's the proactive approach? It's asking the customer why they cancelled, in the form of an exit survey.

Benefits of an Exit Survey

  • It humanizes your brand by showing you care about your former members

  • It sources qualitative data about your product, service, and community

  • It gives an opportunity for former members to improve the community

Tips for Creating an Effective Exit Survey

  • Keep it simple. Don’t bombard your former customer with too many questions

  • Don’t ask biased or sales-driven questions which allude to your service’s benefits

  • Give the member a reason to stay, through an attractive alternative to cancellation

  • Give the member an easy way to communicate with you

  • Provide space for the member to write longer written responses

Get started now, by downloading Ugenie’s Community Leaver Exit Survey!

Ugenie - Community Leaver Exit Survey (Template)
Download PDF • 75KB

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