Community Joiner Membership Agreement

Updated: Mar 23

A membership agreement for your members to sign may be a good idea when running a membership business, though it’s not technically a legal requirement.

According to Chron, a membership agreement is a formalised contract between your membership business and members of the business.

Benefits of a Membership Agreement

  • Members may miss payment deadlines and disrupt your recurring revenue

  • Members may report a another member's breach of community guidelines and rules

  • Members may claim that they are not receiving specific services or perks

Details of a Membership Agreement

  • The member’s personal information, including their name, contact details and address

  • The date that the membership agreement is active from

  • A comprehensive list of benefits or services associated with membership

  • The cost and payment schedule associated with the member’s membership plan

  • A list of actions that breach the membership agreement

  • A liability statement regarding damage, financial loss or inaction

  • A statement expressing how the membership agreement may be terminated

  • A privacy policy detailing opting out of personal information sharing

  • A statement that implies signing the agreement is subject to terms and conditions

  • A space for both parties to sign the membership agreement and write signing dates

The membership agreement’s specific will depend on the type of membership business. So, instead of developing a one-size-fits-all template, we provide links to notable examples.

General Membership Businesses

Wild Apricot - Membership Agreement Template

The Gym Group - Membership Agreement

Inclusive Employers - Terms of Membership

Professional Associations

Forum of Private Business - Terms & Conditions of Membership

JCI UK - Terms & Conditions of Individual Membership

Automotive Executives Association - Membership Agreement

Networking Groups

Women Like Me - Terms & Conditions of Membership

The Athena Network - Terms & Conditions of Membership

Women Belong - Membership Agreement

Virtual Academies

Business Architecture Guild - Corporate Membership Agreement

Skills System - Membership Agreement

Erasmus Student Network - Online Learning Agreement

Coaching Communities

Coach Federation - Coaching Agreement

WOMXN911 - Group Coaching Agreement

The Presence Coach - Membership Agreement

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