A Simple Tool To Manage Projects

As your company grows, you will have a mountain of projects that await to be organised. But perhaps Google Calendar, or your notebook, is too inefficient for such complicated matters.

Instead, you need task assignment, prioritisation, and completion, all which require detailed tracking.

You will also likely have a team, who you depend on, and who depend on each other, all of which also need to be connected easily and in real-time.

If you have been looking for the right tool to solve this problem, we recommend Trello.

Trello is an intuitive and collaborative space for project management. All plans include personal boards, unlimited lists, and unlimited cards. The free plan also includes a 10 MB limit for file attachments, and 10 team boards.

Further plans offer higher storage, greater access to team boards, and additional security features.

But, the free plan alone is ridiculous value for money. That is, no money at all!

Features & Benefits

Board & Card System: This facilitates a user-friendly workflow, with a board assigned to each project, which include cards and lists for task grouping. Cards contain checklists, due dates, attachment spaces, coloured labels, and filters. There’s very little learning effort required.

Collaboration: A project manager can invite team members to the board and assign them tasks. Each card, which corresponds to a task, has a circular profile icon, to display responsibilities. This is visible to all who are part of the board making digital whiteboard beautiful for uniting team members, and nurturing a shared perspective.

Drag & Drop Function: Easy organisation is the core of Trello’s agenda. A simple drag-and-drop function is all it takes to reshape the entire project.

Searchable Database: Public boards can be accessed by any user. Also, Trello ensures that all discussions and data are stored in a system and backed up. Amazingly, you can search for a specific card, list, or board, and open it within an instant.

Security: No need to fret over sharing sensitive information. Trello is designed to comply with the

highest of security standards. And as a board creator, you have the power to allocate

permissions, restrict access, and split participation rights.

Integration: Trello supports direct uploads from Google Drive and Dropbox. Additionally, you can connect with almost every third-party application, system, extension, or plugin.

Mobile Optimisation: An adjustment to your project is unbelievable easy, even without a laptop in sight. Just download Trello on your phone for seamless and mobile-friendly management.

Click the link below, to test Trello, and regain clarity over your projects: https://trello.com/

P.S. We found this useful video on YouTube which provides a check-list on how to step-up your Trello board.