5 Email Subject Lines for Community Leaders Over the Holidays

In case you didn't know, it's the month of holidays and celebrations. With Christmas fast approaching, I'm sure you're looking for new ways to incorporate festive cheer into your content.

By now you've probably posted selfies in your tacky Christmas jumper that someone's Nan knitted for you a few years back and without a doubt, you've used the word "festive" far too many times.

Perhaps you've tried out these 12 Happy Holiday Season Tips for Social Media Engagement.

But have you sent out any holiday-themed emails?

If emails haven't been your forte this month, we have the 6 best subject lines for the holidays to take your content beyond mundane Instagram posts.

1) Add our membership to your nice list this year.

2) Let it snow Christmas deals!

3) Joining our community is quicker than putting up your tree!

4) Deck the halls with this holiday sale.

5) Feel the festive cheer all year round when you join our community.

Now's the perfect time to open your emailing list and get typing! If you have your own email subject ideas for the holidays, post them on your social media stories and tag Ugenie. We'd love to hear all your creations.

And we'd like to give a big thank you to @emailkatie on Instagram, who inspired us to write this article. Check out her profile for lots more email marketing tips and tricks!

💡 Top Tip: Use a Canva template to add to the festivities of your email chains, here are 16 Free Community Focused Holiday Canva Templates just for you!