10 Tips for Creating Engaging Content

Updated: Mar 22

According to HubSpot, content marketing is an effective way to increase engagement, raise brand awareness and connect with an audience. Content marketing involves innovating, creating and distributing pieces of content. The best pieces aim to communicate a clear message, educate readers and add value. As content is vital for your membership business, we have created a list of ten tips to help you create the best possible pieces for members or followers.

Tip 1 - Decide on Content Marketing Goals

Your membership business's marketing performance must be measured in relation to your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). After defining KPIs, list SMART content marketing goals.

By creating these goals, you will become more aware of the types of content that need to publish. Then, you can start to sketch a content schedule.

Tip 2 - Create Audience or Buyer Personas

Each piece of content must be tailored for a specific audience. Before writing, use data-driven thinking to understand your members or prospects with personas. Once you understand your members' demographics, psychographics and behaviours, you can plan content ideas that are highly focused, relevant and worthy of engagement.

Tip 3 - Use Keywords With Research

When you post an article on your website's blog, it will become part of Google's search engine. So, it's essential to use keywords that improve your search ranking. For Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and keyword planning, consider investing in a research tool like Semrush, Wordstream or Moz.

Tip 4 - Decide on Suitable Content Formats

A need for text does not need to restrict other elements of your content. Supplement your content with graphics, videos, infographics, audio, lists, links and more.

But before deciding on these formats, question if it works for what you have created. For example, infographics are probably better for pieces with a lot of numerical information.

Tip 5 - Include External & Internal Links

Crosslinking can turn your website into a hub of impactful information, where readers can voyage through different articles as they please.

In a broader sense, adding links from other websites can ensure and demonstrate that your content is well-researched and packed with perspective.

Tip 6 - Write in Your Brand's Tone and Voice

Your brand's writing tone is essentially the unique element of your content. Though many of your competitors write about similar topics, the style in which they do is different. Consider investing in Grammarly to ensure that your content is written in your membership business's voice and to add authenticity to your brand.

Tip 7 - Survey Your Audience on Content Preferences

Surveying through social media polls or quick forms may be a smarter approach than partially guessing what content and value your target audience is seeking.

Further, when offering a survey to complete, providing a space for content suggestions can significantly reduce the burden of thinking of ideas.

Tip 8 - Provide Free Value

Single Grain note that 'free value' gives your membership a charitable edge when publishing content. The method may suit coaching communities or virtual academies. Creating free and useful resources, documents or templates may enable your members to solve key problems. Also, prospective members may be enticed to pay for fuller versions.

Tip 9 - Consistently Use a Call-to-Action

A call-to-action (CTA) is a text design that aims to influence a reader to take a valuable action. Before writing, ponder over what action you want readers to take.

It may even be helpful to create a list of call-to-action templates and formulas for different types of content or stages in the buyer journey.

Tip 10 - Track Performance With Data

Your membership business won't magically flourish just through publishing content, as WordStream mentions. It's return on investment (ROI) must be measured. According to ClickZ, key content marketing metrics include site traffic, on-site time, returning visitors, social shares and conversion percentages. Look out for these!

And there you have it! Those are ten tips for creating engaging content.

Alongside Ugenie's Community Leader Content Schedule Template, we hope this article assists you when planning, drafting and scheduling content.

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