Frequently Asked Questions

Who builds the app?

Our team of experts have developed the platform and continually monitor and upgrade the platform so that you don't need to. This means you get the all the upgrades and benefits of your mobile hub without the hassle of having to manage one. 


Do you have an iOS and Android version of the app?

Yes! Download the iOS app here and the Android app here.


How do I get my clients and prospects using the app?

Having helped many businesses to transition their communities from current status quo to using Ugenie, we have a good understand of what is required to maximise the benefits of the hub to draw users to it. We have several resources in the help section that you can view that gives more information but the fundamental requirement like most things in life is a good strategy (which we can provide) and execution (which rests with the community/business leader)


How do I know how many people are using my app?

Ugenie provides community/business leaders with the tools to monitor the health of their community with analytics that matter most. This includes the ability to see how many users have joined the hub as well as how many have returned to it in the last week and last time each person logged in. With insights into what the community cares about and is interacting with, you are able to position content to increase further engagement of the app. All of this information is found in the dashboard section of the admin portal.

What are the cancellation terms?

As each contract can be tailored to meet the needs of an individual business, the length of the contract can also be negotiated. However, once you have completed the maturity of the agreement, there is no cost to cancel. Therefore, if you are in a monthly contract, you can cancel as soon as you have completed the next full one month; if you have signed a quarterly contract, you can end once the final quarter has been completed, etc.


Is there a tech support if my app crashes?

Yes – we realize that sometimes things don't go quite as planned and providing good tech support is very important for us. And as Ugenie is more than just tech, not only do we provide tech support, we also offer ancillary services such as business consultancy, strategy and execution support. To contact us, simply either call us at 07950782609, drop an email at or message us from the app.