Turn your delegate list into an engaged community.

Maximise your conference impact with an event mobile hub 

Ugenie provides you with a unique mobile solution that allows you to extend your delegate experience beyond your event. 

Set up

Our team offers you a strategy session to design and set up your event mobile hub in no time.


Start interacting with your delegates, deliver content to create a stellar event experience.


Create further networking opportunities and promote your event sponsors.


Boost your sales with upselling opportunities or new products to create an engaged community.

 We used Ugenie to deliver pre-course material and logistical information prior to our courses and events. Then we launched a global membership community delivering content, updates, events dates, videos, articles, tips to all our members across the globe. Turning the app into a powerful resource center for our international membership community.

Compare Packages


For events with 250

delegates or less.


Two months on Ugenie

Yearly upgrade £800



For events with 500

delegates or less.


Three months on Ugenie

Yearly upgrade £800


For events with over

500 delegates.


We build it and

run it for you.

Ready to see your hub in action? 

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