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At Ugenie, we understand you may need more than just tech to get the most from your community. As such, all of our plans come with some level of business support to help you maximise the opportunities of a Ugenie Hub.

Business Consultation


All our plans come with a 30min consultation where we learn more about your business, your challenges and your objectives. Based on these, we will point out ways in which you can tailor the features of the hub to best achieve your aims.



Some of our clients prefer to have some hands-on support to practically implement the findings that results from the initial consultation. Thus, in this session we talk through your decisions and implement into the hub to get you started quickly.

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For more in-depth support, we can offer a digital strategy session where we delve into your current communication channels and create a plan for your future  digital framework to incorporate your aims and the Ugenie Hub. This includes topics such as content strategy, tips on transitioning your community to the new hub and best practices engagement.

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Our monthly clinic provides you with an opportunity to share what is working well and what may need improvement in reference to the plan. This allows us to suggest possible tweaks in your plan as well as steer your focus.

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For those that want to accelerate their business, our Ugenie Connections service will aid clients by finding them suitable partners. So whether that is finding sponsors for your hub, businesses who you can partner with or others in our network we think can be of benefit to you, Ugenie Connections is focused on your growth and your success.

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