Membership made easy.

Ugenie is a dedicated platform for membership businesses to build, grow and engage with their communities outside the noise of social media and on their own terms.

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Ugenie is loved by community leaders of 

You could start a group, or you could build a community.

Ugenie is a flexible, feature-rich web-portal and downloadable app, that powers hundreds of communities just like yours.

Launch a branded membership portal

Manage your events calendar

Upload, share and schedule media

Send email and push notifications

Schedule and automate content

Segment your members into groups

Monitor community engagement

Ensure you're GDPR compliant

Create offers in your marketplace

Integrate your hub to your website

Why community platforms as we know them don't work for memberships.

Distractions, confused messaging, algorithms, lack of privacy, data mining - social media isn't where community leaders should look to when building a professional membership. 

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There is a better way to engage your members on your own terms.

Private and branded platforms that boast the same features of a social networking platform, but prioritise privacy, customisations and a dedicated web and mobile space to build and grow communities.

Why Ugenie?

We are a team of founders and community leaders first. We understand the pain points of managing a membership community and develop our products by listening to what our customers require in order to grow. 

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As a coach, I was searching for a platform that would allow me to organise my coaching content and create a community where my clients could connect in a safe place away from social media. Ugenie was able to meet all of my needs.


A tech friend, not a tech giant.

Our dedicated growth team support you from day one. Helping you to onboard your community and keep them engaged, ensuring your members are with you for the long-run.

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At the start of your journey?

You've found yourself in the right place! Ugenie loves turning ideas into fully-fledged, membership organisations. Reserve your space at our next event to learn just how to build, grow and engage with your community.

Frequently asked questions


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branded community hub, powered by Ugenie

Built for communities of all sizes

Initial consultation and onboarding

Downloadable Ugenie App

Starting at just £35 per month


Your white-label community app on the App Store

 A fully branded mobile app

No-code knowledge necessary

Available on Apple and Android

Dedicated Ugenie Expert support