Accelerate your business growth with your own branded mobile platform.


Your Hub. Your Data. Your Growth.

Amplify your engagement

and boost collaboration.

Reduce your time

and money  spent on admin.

Accelerate your income  

with new opportunities.

Who benefits from their own hub?

Ugenie works for any business that wants to gather customer community on a branded mobile hub, without having to spend time, money or resources on costly app development. We provide a safe space to share content, interact with customers and gather feedback. Ugenie supports: small businesses, service-based companies

membership & subscription companies, nonprofits, professional bodies,  coaches & consultants, business networks ...and more!

How we can help.

We give you reliable access to your community, powerful collaboration tools, capacity to grow your business with new offerings. All this, by launching your own branded mobile hub.

Our Solution

In 3 Easy Steps.

Set Up


Our hands-on consulting team will help you get started quickly and will also help you design a winning strategy for your hub.

Managing your hub is easy, you can start sharing content to deepen connections within your community in no time.


Boost your income with rich data that will help you make informed business decisions, and offer products your customers want.

Setting up our community hub was so easy. We launched our premium membership, created a new revenue stream and increased engagement in no time.

1. Your Branded Mobile Hub

The Hub is where your customer  communities interact with your content and with each other.

2. Your Management Dashboard

Our dashboard enables you to brand your hub, connect with your community, share content and analyse activity. 

Using The Ugenie Platform.

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