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"The benefits of a Facebook group without any of the noise."

The types of businesses which use Ugenie

Ugenie is chosen by brands who want to professionalise their membership business without the hassle and cost of building their own platform. Suitable for: 


  • Membership & Subscription Businesses

  • Coaches, Consultants & Business Networks

  • Professional Bodies & Chambers of Commerce

  • Clubs & Associations

  • Residential Communities

  • Religious & Educational Organisations

  • Non-For-Profit Organisation & Charities

  • Conferences & Event Organisers

Your Business. Your Hub. Your Terms

In our world today, every business requires a solid digital presence across both web and mobile. Given each business is different, Ugenie has been built so that you can customise it for your needs in a quick and easy manner. Key features include the ability to: 

  • add your own logo and branding to the hub 

  • give your business a mobile presence without the need to code

  • create groups to enable you to easily share the right content with the right people

  • give your business a structured repository for content including videos & documents

  • monetise your business by promoting sponsors, products and membership rewards

  • provide you with analytics on what is popular with your community

  • schedule and automate posting to make management of your hub painless

With You Every Step Of The Way

Set Up


Our hands-on consulting team will help design a winning strategy for your hub to get you started quickly and effectively.

We can provide you with a regular monthly check-in to keep you on track and share insights on possible improvements.


We can help you identify new revenue opportunities and make connections with partners that can accelerate monetisation.

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